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US National Tour - Round 4

July 21, 2014

After a couple of rough starts Aero Aswar managed to walk away with a decent weekend finishing 2nd overall behind Snyder in the Pro/Am Runabout Stock and taking a 1st overall in the Pro/Am Runabout Open.  Moto 3 in Pro/Am runabout Open proved a challenge for Aero after he was penalized for beign too quick on the lanyard at the start resulting in a 5th place.

Since Aero pulled off the win in both Motos 1 and 2 the 5th place in moto 3 did not affect the overall outcome for Aero. “The weekend went really great! Besides that start everything else was all good.” said Aero, “It was not an easy win,” Aero went on to say, “Jared Moore was on me all the time and my knee was popping all the way through.”  Aero suffered a knee injury during round one (in Pensacola) of the tour and has elected to continue racing the season rather than withdraw.   “I am only 1 point behind Troy Snyder in the Pro/Am Stock class so I will need to work hard to beat the old guy!” Aero added.





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